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What is Wordle and what is the key to its overwhelming success?

When the colored squares began to invade social networks, few people knew what it was really about, today almost everyone goes faithfully to their daily appointment with Wordle, a browser game that has become a complete viral success. But what exactly is this phenomenon about and how has it achieved such overwhelming popularity?

Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, an American programmer that you simply wanted to create a daily challenge to share with your partner. Little by little the game was gaining importance and went from less than 100 players in November to around 300,000 people in early January. The mechanics of Wordle, yes, it is not new: it is a system that we have seen many times and that has even been adapted to television with Lingo, an international program that came to Spain in the nineties submitted by Ramoncn.

how to play Wordle?

each of Wordle is updated with a new five letter word, the same for everyone, that we have to guess in six attempts or less. Every time we enter a word, the game tells us if the letters that make it up are present in the word of the day, also specifying if we have guessed the position of the letter (green) or not (yellow). Wordle also indicates us in gray which letters are not present in the word that we have to guess, so in each attempt we have more information until we find the correct solution.

The popularity of Wordle It has been such that they have not been long in coming out imitators and versions in other languages; in Spain we can play both in Spanish like in Basque, Galician Y cataln. We can also play crazy versions like Absurdle, a frustrating copycat who changes the secret word with every try, or Letterle, which instead of a word challenges us to guess a letter a day.

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why Wordle is it so popular?

As you can see, it is a very simple game system, what has made it become so popular? It seems that what has most attracted the players of Wordle is to limit yourself to one word a day, turning the game into almost routine. It also has a very important weight that the game itself invites us to share our process in a simple, but elegant and effective way: those colored squares that we see so much on Twitter allow us to show the process that we have carried out to guess the word of the day without revealing the solution to the rest of the players.

Capture of Wordle in English

There are other reasons that go beyond the daily format and the right way to share the games; also the accessibility of Wordle, what is available free in browser (and that’s how it’s going to stay, according to its creator), and the aforementioned simplicity of its game system make it an ideal product to reach as many people as possible. As usually happens with this type of phenomenon, it is difficult to find the exact keys to its success, but what is certain is that has caught us all by surprise.

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