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This is the Crosscall Action-X5

The novelties focus, as has become usual in this brand, on very high resistance prepared for hard life and with original designs inspired by the sports codes and aesthetics. Among the novelties of Crosscall stands out the Action-X5 with integrated action camera, long battery life and specifications to achieve remarkable resistance in any situation. It is a product designed for adventure lovers, who want to capture their experiences, with quality, despite the conditions and the environment. Note that the product provides a 3-year warranty and a repairability index of 8.8/10.

quite a challenge

Today we can find mobiles for almost any type of need, also for those who have a lifestyle closely linked to adventure and want to capture their experiences easily and safely, in addition to having the peace of mind of being connected in case of difficulties. On this stage has made its entrance the Croscall Action-X5, a smartphone designed to be useful that also incorporates an action camera based on a technology that the French firm knows well, and that it now offers in an optimized version with improved photographic quality compared to its iconic Trekker-X4 model, launched in 2018, and that paved the way for new uses by being the first smartphone with built-in action camera. Over time and following the suggestions of users and the Community of Innovators (2,300 people who test Crosscall models during all design phases), the company’s engineers have improved this technology until reaching the current product.

camera system

The device has on the back two cameras, one 48 MP with a normal angle (80 °) and another with a wide angle of 120 degrees (13MP); This same wide-angle camera has also been incorporated as a novelty in the front, which is practical for those who want a group of people or a wide panorama to come out well in the selfie.

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It natively incorporates the X-CAM application, developed by the company, which allows you to record by choosing the desired angle as well as the most appropriate mode, such as the traditional Slowmotion or Timelapse, or the Dashcam mode that makes it possible to let the phone film automatically. continuous and keep only the last 30 or 60 seconds. A capture mode perfectly adapted to moments of action, where the best sequences tend to be the most unpredictable. In addition to these modes, it is possible to select the Hyperstab function, which allows the horizon to be kept straight when shooting on the move, thanks to a horizontality corrector developed by the Crosscall teams in collaboration with its partners.

Complete application to edit

After capturing the desired moments, the device allows you to become the editing and editing director with X-Story, the application installed natively on the computer. It is a tool that converts recorded videos into movies. In everyday use this app it is easy and intuitive, it allows you to cut, adjust the sequences, add music and share the video from anywhere. The Qualcomm 6115 octo-core processor, with an optimal combination of performance and energy savings, and its battery of 3.850 mAh, make it possible to carry out the actions described for a long time, since the autonomy reaches up to 25 hours of communication and 11 hours of intense use of GPS and data, without having to recharge it, and 13 days on standby.

The process behind the product

The Action-X5 is a team designed and thought specifically for sport, with an aesthetic that embodies the identity of the French brand. It has a screen of 5:45″ in 18:9 format, compromise between comfortable legibility and good grip. Thanks to its format, it is possible to access 80% of the screen with one hand. The screen can be used with wet fingers thanks to Wet Touch technology, and the Glove Touch for its part allows use with gloves. Made of resistant materials, it can be used at the bottom of the sea or in the high mountains, as it boasts a functional use between -25°C and +60°, that is, in the most extreme temperatures and can accompany the user at all times. the corners of the planet.

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The model meets the brand’s demanding standards, a rigorous set of resistance tests developed that goes beyond the usual mobile phone tests. With IP68 certification, it is tight to all liquids and dust. A 3-year warranty and a repairability index of 8.8/10 will guarantee proper development over time.

Added values

Two programmable buttons on the sides of the phone, located under the index finger and thumb, allow you to configure personalized functions. The programmable button has been designed for easy and intuitive use of Push-to-Talk. With its X-Talk app, Crosscall allows use this smartphone What walkie-talkie and communicate with several people simultaneously and instantly, with no distance limit. Whether it’s during a ski session, a big climb or a bike ride, there are many activities where contacting the group quickly and easily could be helpful and safe. With X-Talk installed natively, sports and outdoor enthusiasts can communicate and share positions through a tool that is always at their fingertips.


The equipment is available at a selling price of 549,90 euros.

This is the professional series

Crosscall has also renewed its professional core range with the aim of accompanying companies in their digital transition, understanding that the replacement of DECT telephones (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) or cordless telephones by smartphones guarantees to expand the functionality in business communications.

Related news

The model Core-S4 is a suggestive hybrid between a push-button telephone and a smartphone. Integrates the KaiOS operating system that allows access to the most common applications (WhatsApp, Facebook…). Equipped with X-Link technology, a magnetic connection located on the back of the phone, it is compatible with all accessories developed by the company. It is a compact push-button telephone, with good battery life and very resistant, that responds to the needs of companies in the midst of a digital transition. with connectivity 4G y WIFI, And thanks to VoLTE and VoWIFI technologies, it has the features to replace cordless phones.

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For his part the Core-M5 It is configured as a versatile device with AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) certification. Equipped with a Qualcomm SM6115 Octo-core processor, it ensures an optimal experience in both professional and personal environments. Its screen is 4.95″ and 18:9 format. Its two programmable side buttons, designed to be easy when wearing gloves, allow access to certain functions without having to unlock it. It can be used as walkie-talkie with the brand’s X-Talk app and the leading PPT apps on the market. Its repairability index is 8.8/10.

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