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This is how the gaming world reacted to the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Xbox | LevelUp

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This morning, the gaming industry was shaken by unexpected news: Activision Blizzard, a company known for having franchises like Call of Duty Y Warcraft, will join the Xbox family. This after Microsoft reached an agreement in which it will pay $70 million for the company, its studios and its franchises.

As you can imagine, this is news that shook the gaming world. For this reason, it is not surprising that various members of the industry such as executives, developers, members of public relations teams, journalists, influencers and even fans reacted by sharing their opinion on social networks.

One of the opinions that attracted the most attention was that of Phil Spencer, general director of gaming at Microsoft and head of Xbox. The manager published a tweet in which he shared the news and was excited to welcome Activision Blizzard to the Xbox family.

“As we spread the joy and community of gaming around the world, we are incredibly excited to welcome the amazing teams and iconic franchises of Activision Blizzard to Team Xbox,” Spencer said on his Twitter account.

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For his part, Geoff Keighley, host and producer of The Game Awards and Summer Game Fest, was surprised and made it clear that it is news that left him thinking about the future of the industry.

“The Activision news makes one wonder what will happen to other big distributors/platforms. One thing I will say is: Much of the innovation and future of this industry comes from independent developers/publishers as well. It’s easy to get obsessed with these big deals.”

Keighley was not the only communicator who reacted to the news. Jeff Grubb, a journalist who writes for VentureBeat, began to speculate on what this means for the exclusivity of series like Call of Duty.

According to his theory, games like Warzone they will remain as cross-platform releases, which makes sense. That said, he’s not sure what will happen to titles like the numbered installments of Call of Duty.

“Warzone will remain multiplatform, but I think the Call of Duty main will be exclusive. Microsoft has already done the numbers on each scenario with Bethesda and determined that Game Pass exclusivity is the best way to achieve its goals. Treat the money you lose from sales on PlayStation as an investment/marketing cost to promote Game Pass. I’m basing this on Microsoft’s research, but I’m guessing games from Call of Duty they are service enough that the variables change. I do not know. This is weird,” Grubb said.

The news also reached the ears of Rami Ismail, a developer who is very vocal on Twitter. For him things are very clear: that Activision Blizzard joins Xbox only means that it is a matter of time before the same happens with other distributors such as EA, Take-Two and Ubisoft.

“Congratulations to EA on their future acquisition. Huge congratulations to Take-Two for being bought in the future. I can’t believe that Ubisoft will be acquired in the next few years,” said the developer.

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And the memes were not lacking

As usually happens in these types of situations, people decided to make jokes about the news, giving themselves a lot of laughter throughout the community.

And you, what do you think about the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Xbox? Do you think this is good news for the industry? Tell us in the comments.

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