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This Genshin Impact character cost miHoYo a lot, but it was worth it | LevelUp

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One of the novelties of the most recent update of Genshin Impact was the addition of 2 new characters. One of them was Yun Jin, an interesting young woman who despite not being of 5-star rarity, drew a lot of attention for the tradition that miHoYo was inspired to create her. Said character was mocked and was one of the ones that cost miHoYo the most work, but it was already worth it.

Genshin Impact they usually have many characteristics of Japanese culture; however, with Yun Jin miHoYo he went much further. We say this because this young woman is based on one of China’s oldest traditions, opera.

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Yun Jin was teased

The way miHoYo made that known was unexpected, as it happened in the update stream. In it, the character could be seen singing just like Chinese opera artists do. Hearing high-pitched melodic tones in Chinese is not common in the West, which is why many found it very strange and even embarrassing, causing some to scoff at it. There were also some who defended the character, because it is something very traditional of Genshin Impact.

The teasing, however, gradually faded and YunJin has been winning the hearts of fans and those who made fun of her, many arguing that her voice has become more familiar and even beautiful and they have grabbed her sweetie. This phenomenon is usually something natural, as it shows how we stop seeing some cultural elements that alienate as strange just because they are something foreign or distant, from other countries.

Yun Jin was designed after Chinese opera

The conceptualization of this young woman is perhaps the most fascinating that miHoYo has done in Genshin Impact by the origin of its design. In a video dedicated to the character development process (something miHoYo doesn’t often do), different designs were revealed for Yun Jin, capturing not only the young woman’s personality, but also traditional elements of opera dress. China.

The 20-minute video also shows Yun Jin posing after the Chinese opera performers’ subtle movements is a distinctive element, so miHoYo captured that even in the character’s attack sequence, which has its own rhythm and rhythm. reflects his effeminate and elegant temperament. In fact, miHoYo took a long time to research Chinese opera, which, while rooted in the region, is not a tradition that all Chinese are steeped in.

This character is very special to miHoYo not only because it would incorporate an ingrained element of Chinese culture or because a Chinese opera artist was hired to do the voice acting, but also because it had details that made it difficult to appear in the game.

The creation of Yun Jin was not easy

The design of the character ended in 2018 and was planned for the debut of the Liyue region, but there was a change of plans, but the debut was delayed to polish the character, as his model in the game had some technical inconsistencies and miHoYo preferred this to having to compromise your design. Thus, the Chinese studio did not take the easy way out, but worked on a special tool so that the quality of the 3D model would not lose quality in the game.

Despite the greatness of the greatness of the concept, miHoYo was hesitant about implementing a character based on the roots of Chinese opera and considered that there were some risks, but fortunately that uncertainty was diluted as development progressed and in the end it was realized that the culture of opera is very broad and deep.

miHoYo is proud of his work done with Yun Jin. He not only shared the development video, but also the song Devastation and Redemption, from the album Fleeting Colors in Flight, who plays the character with the voice of Yang Yang, an artist who is part of the Shanghai Jingju Company.

“I hope everyone likes my acting and the art of opera,” Yang commented.

Genshin Impact as a means of revitalization and communication of art

The work done with Yun Jin is excellent, as it shows how art can expand and even make it familiar through video games and not only that, but also revitalize it and make it attractive to younger generations, who may later be interested in original art. . Genshin Impact, with what started as a mockery and something strange, has presented a clear example of how the game transcends the medium and becomes something that can be noticed in daily life or vice versa.

“We really wanted to pay tribute to this ancient art form in our own way,” said Xiao Luohao, a member of the concept and script team of Genshin Impact. “Like Yun Jin, who innovates and remakes old operas, times are also constantly changing, the age of the general audience is also changing. This wave keeps moving forward, and Yun Jin is someone who can sense this cultural change, so it will reinvigorate some works that may be distant for the younger generation of Liyue.”

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The creative expressed that when miHoYo incorporates interesting elements from different cultures, it does so out of reverence and they try to do their best in order to “allow players with different cultural bases from various regions to access this cultural experience”, although he acknowledges that Like any medium, it is sometimes difficult for a video game to project the thousands of years of history of any tradition, such as Chinese opera.

“But if there is a way to use Genshin Impact as an entertainment medium that is easily accepted by others to expose people to the artistic crystallization of traditional Chinese opera and even generate interest in the art itself, and then get in touch with the essence of real Chinese opera culture, We feel that if the game can serve as a simple introduction, then our efforts will already be well worth it.”

Below you can see the full video of the development.

What did you think of the story behind Yun Jin? Have you got this character yet? Tell us in the comments.

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