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The disappointment, brother! NFT project supported by Troy Baker used third-party technology | LevelUp

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The NFTs have divided opinions and their simple reference generates tension because the speed with which they are taking over the world is not to the liking of some sectors. Recently, one of the controversial moments related to non-fungible tokens came from Troy Baker, a recognized actor in the video game industry, who announced his support for Voiceverse NFT, a service that is committed to the generation of digital voice content and grants ownership, via NFT, to whoever buys it. The response was a wave of criticism but now everything has gotten worse as it was confirmed that the project used technology from another service.

Voiceverse NFT pretended to show off with technology that was not theirs and without giving credit

“You can hate or you can create” were the words with which Troy Baker forcefully responded to those who criticized his support for Voiceverse NFT, unfortunately for him something like “you can investigate” would apply since the project he defended so much on Twitter is in the middle of the controversy. The above after it was confirmed that the origin of the proposal and the Voiceverse NFT sample came from the technology used in the service., which is online and operates free of charge through a word processor and a system that converts sentences to a digital voice, such as Glados from PortalThis is for entertainment purposes only.

After confirming the use of, the Voiceverse NFT account acknowledged the use of the service and apologized for not giving credit. In fact, the official site points out the importance of giving credit to the project and acknowledging that the content is being created there on a non-profit basis.

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However, the thing with Voiceverse NFT is that not only did they create some dialogue for an animated character using, but the digital voice went through an editing process to pass it off as their own, much to the annoyance of the creators of the original service. and of the community that has not been slow to claim Troy Baker for this and warn him of the risks of launching into the trend of NFTs and cryptocurrencies just like that.

This is the most recent controversy that has seen the trend of NFTs by a celebrity, since before there were the statements of Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park musician, who supported the tokens.

On the other hand, and perhaps as one of the great examples of what can happen, there is the recent scandal and lawsuit faced by some US celebrities after supporting the EthereumMax cryptocurrency months ago, which inflated its price due to the promotion and then collapsed. as part of what is suspected to be a fraudulent operation.

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