Wednesday, September 28

The conditions of Olga Moreno to sign the divorce with Antonio David Flores come to light

Olga Moreno Y Anthony David Flores they would have already started the paperwork to get a divorce, however, as revealed by Marisa Martn Blzquez in ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ there are important differences that prevent it from being a reality in the short term, since the winner of ‘Survivors’ will have set a series of conditions to access to capture her signature.

“They assure me that they have placed in the hands of a attorney to do the drafting of a document prior to the divorce, because the situation is already very clear”, assured Marisa Martín in full direct before going into more details.

“It seems that Olga would have asked David, because David would have wanted to sign the divorce and Olga would have refused, to guarantee in some way that she would be left out of the crime indicated in the indictment as a necessary collaborator of the alleged crime of punishable insolvency of which David is accused,” he explained.

“Because there was something about the collections of Antonio David Flores that was in some Olga company,” the collaborator abounded. “If he judgment finally goes ahead and she was found guilty of this crime, she also asks that the administrative sanction that may fall on her, that guarantees that Antonio David Flores takes charge,” the journalist continued.

“And lastly, she has no problem staying with David Jr. and Olga, and that she would also make everything easier for David to see the children.” nios whenever he wanted,” Marisa Martn Blzquez would also point out. “He wants a divorce without any type of contentious move and that everything be done in the best way as long as the children are not affected,” he would settle.

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