Tuesday, October 4

The Company Man, about to arrive on Switch • Console and Dashboard

Complying with the established deadlines, The Company Man It will be released on Nintendo Switch on Friday, January 21. This is confirmed by those responsible, Forust and Leoful.


This two-dimensional adventure leads us to rebel against our company. The protagonist, Jim, will not hesitate to hit his co-workers, with the help of a keyboard, or to shoot the bosses, using correct electronics.

The mission is to survive the fight and become the CEO of the company. Each department offers its own peculiarities, playing with humor. Thus, we will visit the icy air-conditioned lands of accounting and the mountains of paperwork in human resources.

Each floor will be an intense journey to the top, through hand-drawn animations. Featuring classic side-scrolling action gameplay, it features clear resemblance to real life. It is now available on PC.


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