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Scoundrel! CoD hacker: Warzone furious after losing many games | LevelUp

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Despite the constant efforts of the developers and the debut of a new anti-cheat system, cheats prevail in CoD: Warzone And they still do their thing. Fortunately, karma comes sooner or later for those who act without honor and are willing to detract from the experience of other players.

This weekend the case of a streamer who, without remorse, showed off his cheating on his Twitch channel went viral. Fortunately, his game session did not go as expected, as defeat was a constant after his illegal advantages did not work properly.

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In one clip, we can see the scoundrel complaining after his aimbot was ineffective, resulting in him losing a lot of his matches. We can see how little by little the frustration invades him, and even at one point he points to the ground and shoots while saying with obvious desperation “The aimbot just broke again”.

It all came to a climax when, upon losing a matchup, the cheater decided to close the game and end his live stream, but not before stating that he will try to work things out with the cheat provider.

The community reacts to the misfortune of this CoD: Warzone cheater

Although the identity of the streamer is unknown and if he was already deserving of a ban, the community did not miss the opportunity to make fun of him and express their joy for all this hilarious situation. Among the people who joined the taunts we found the famous content creator FaZe Swagg, who did not hesitate to claim that the cheater was a loser.

Another person went further and stated that seeing the cheater lose their cheats mid-match is much better than seeing them get banned. “Seeing an annoying cheater warms my soul. Fools like this don’t deserve to play the game anyway,” said another user.

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But tell us, what do you think of this news? Were you amused by the reaction of this hapless hacker? Let us read you in the comments.

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