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Rumors suggest that a Lost Judgment TV series is in the works | LevelUp

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One of the most beloved games of recent months is undoubtedly Lost Judgement, a sequel that was released in 2018 and that put us back in the role of private detective Takayuki Yagami. A few years have passed since then and now there is a strong rumor about the possibility that a TV series with the character as the protagonist is being produced at this time.

According to information shared on Nikkan Gendai, Japanese actor and pop star Takuya Kimura, who made his video game debut with Judgement, could be part of this new project of the saga that would involve television and even the cinema.

Will we see more of Takayuki Yagami?

There is no official confirmation yet, but in the event that said project becomes a reality, rumors suggest that the action series would be titled Sabakarezaru (The unjudged), a program that would lead to a feature film.

It is worth mentioning that Kimura was part of the musical band Smap and since then he has participated in several programs, dramas and movies, so a possible series of Lost Judgement it would be nothing new to him.

What about the image problems that the actor had with SEGA?

Another surprising point about this possible production is that it had been shared for a long time that SEGA had no plans to continue using Kimura in the franchise, since his agency prevented the arrival of the games on PC.

However, the voices in the middle claim that a movie and the series could be the company’s agreement so that the games can finally reach PC, although of course it’s all about rumours.

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It only remains to wait to see if the series of Lost Judgement becomes a reality, information that we will share with you when more details are released.

Would you like to see a series of the saga on TV? Tell us in the comments.

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