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RUMOR: Expert fighting game company is in charge of the new Killer Instinct | LevelUp

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Killer Instinct is a franchise that, despite having been inactive for almost 2 decades, many fighting game fans were waiting for its return, which was fulfilled in 2013. Well, it seems like it was yesterday, but in reality another almost has passed decade without a new game, but there are rumors that Xbox is preparing the return of the series and new information seems to reinforce this.

At the end of last year, there was good news for fans of this franchise of the fighting genre, since a well-known informant anticipated that a new installment was in development.

However, there was not much information about the project and it was not even known which Microsoft studio would be working on it, but today information came to light that reveals that the game would not be in charge of Xbox, but of an external study.

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who is working on Killer Instinct?

According to Jez Corden (via Windows Central), a well-known informant specializing in Microsoft products, mentioned in an article that he had heard a rumor that one of Bandai Namco’s fighting game development teams would be involved in the creation of the title.

Perhaps you take this with some skepticism, and that is precisely what we recommend. Although Jez Corden is recognized for providing accurate information about Xbox games and Microsoft projects in general, on this occasion he himself warned that what he has heard is “the vaguest of rumours” and that he has not been able to verify it by your account.

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However, it does not sound unreasonable that indeed Bandai Namco is responsible for the development of the new Killer Instinct. Corden commented that at an Xbox event a member of the company told him that making a fighting game is complicated because it is not easy to find or create a studio with the necessary experience for the project.

Bandai Namco would be the ideal partner, as it has studios with experience in this genre (with franchises like TEKKEN Y Soulcalibur). Also, as we told you, it is not the first time we have heard that a new Killer Instinct is in development.

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