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Put intelligence at the service of tranquility

The home security It is one of the most precious assets today. The current state of technology is making it possible, step by step, to have the tools that allow you to control your home when you are inside and monitor it from a distance when you leave it. It can be said that technology has already created and will continue with products that make homes safer and ready to be controlled wherever we are.

An example of this unstoppable market trend is the agreement reached by companies Arlo and Securitas Direct. The new Securitas Direct surveillance cameras, developed by Arlo, are capable of detecting movement and distinguishing people, animals and vehicles through the artificial intelligence, among other innovations, providing an additional layer of protection to customers through connection with the Central Receiver and, therefore, with the Security Forces.

intelligent video surveillance

Advanced video surveillance based on artificial intelligence through security cameras wireless It has become popular in our market. The system is configured in the home protection network of the company Securitas Direct (Verisure) along with the products of Arlo Technologies, a manufacturer of security cameras. In this tandem, the capabilities of artificial intelligence and predictive models play an essential role, with the aim of verifying a risk situation in the shortest possible time, maximizing the response to any intrusion attempt.

advanced products

The new cameras are capable of distinguishing, through intelligent image analysis, people, animals and vehicles and send an immediate alert. In this way, it is possible to be aware, at all times, of what is happening at home. through the app mobile, the user can access live video from cameras installed at home and adapt video surveillance to their needs: users choose which alerts they want to receive, at what time, or even select detection areas that require special protection. The integrated technology also allows you to record videos in high definition, day or night, in color and with enough sharpness to accurately distinguish what is happening.

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Added values

Another advantage of these cameras – which have just been recognized by one of the most important design awards in the world, the Red Dot Design Awards – is their deterrent effect. If it detects movement around it, it automatically activates a light source to scare away intruders before they enter the house. They also have an integrated siren to emit an audible warning. Being connected to the Alarm Receiving Center in case of an emergency or attempted intrusion, the company’s experts access the images to assess the situation and activate the security protocol, alerting the Police or emergency services if necessary. .

In this context, an aspect of interest for users is the protection of their privacy. The cameras have cloud storage for 30 days, to view and manage recordings securely and privately. The devices transmit their signals with an encrypted security protocol to guarantee privacy.

Some models are specially indicated to protect outdoor areas -such as gardens, patios or terraces-, they have a design that is windproof, dustproof, rainproof and resistant to extreme temperatures. In addition, there are completely wireless versions, so it can be installed wherever it is needed.

The availability of arlo cameras is currently extensive, since the firm intends to be able to cover the demands of the market.

Featured Advantages

The user receives direct alerts in the smartphone and/or in the alarm center if movement is detected to react as soon as possible.

The outdoor surveillance camera is completely wireless and easy to install in different locations. Models for indoor installation are also available.

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Withstands rain, snow, cold and sun,

Hear visitors and talk to them from anywhere through the built-in speaker and microphone thanks to the available mobile app

It transmits video in HD 1080p resolution. Live streaming from the camera wirelessly in crisp 1080p HD video.

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Integrated spotlight that offers night vision in color or black and white.

For the safest operation of these cameras, various accessories are also available, including a solar panel that recharges the camera so that it does not lose signal under any circumstances. It is resistant to very adverse weather conditions.


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