Tuesday, October 4

Police cut off access to a VPN service used by cybercriminals

  • The authorities of 10 countries dismantle the virtual private network VPNLab.net upon verifying that it served as a platform to launch computer attacks

An international police operation cut off access on Monday to VPNLab.net, a private network service that was being used to enable and protect the operations of computer criminals.

The European Union Agency for Police Cooperation (Europol) explained on Tuesday that this portal had become “a popular option for cyber criminals, who could use their services to continue committing their crimes without fear of being detected by the authorities.

That is why the police in Hannover (Germany) have led an operation in which the security forces of the United States, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia and Ukraine have also participated, and in in which up to 15 servers have been requisitioned.

Increase in cyber attacks

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Europol has confirmed that multiple investigations have uncovered that these cybercriminals were using VPNLab.net services to circulate different types of computer viruses and throw cyber attacks As the ‘ransomware‘, which infiltrates computers to block access to sensitive information and demand the payment of a ransom for this digital kidnapping. These types of attacks have skyrocketed in recent years.

A VPN (the initials in English of Virtual Private Network) is a service that allows its users to browse the Internet while keeping their identity and location hidden. This technology is widely used by both businesses and individuals to maintain privacy online, as well as bypass government surveillance systems.

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