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Out of! Confirm dismissals and sanctions in Activision – Blizzard | LevelUp

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The Activision-Blizzard labor scandal continues to give something to talk about but this time due to the actions of the company that, apparently, has had no choice but to pay more attention to the situation in order to improve the relationship with its workers. 2022 began in the same vein and today it was confirmed that there are dozens of dismissals and sanctions against bad employees of the video game company.

Activision – Blizzard fired and sanctioned dozens of workers

According to information from The Wall Street Journal (via, Activision – Blizzard has already fired 37 workers and sanctioned 44 more since July 2021 and in the context of the wave of reports and accusations that revealed the terrible state of the company’s culture and work environment. Likewise, it was revealed that these figures were ready to be made public last December, but Bobby Kotick supposedly asked that this not be done because he feared that the numbers would not be enough and it would be counterproductive for the company’s image.

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Apparently, Activision – Blizzard is taking appropriate action

On the other hand, the report cites recent statements by Helaine Klasky, representative of Activision – Blizzard, who assured that more than 700 reports against workers have been registered, which are already under investigation by the company. Subsequently, Klasky pointed out as false the information about Bobby Kotick’s alleged request that the numbers of dismissals and sanctions not be made public until now.

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In case you missed it: Bobby Kotick, head of Activision, received $154 million in 2020

So far, the perception of Activision – Blizzard remains rock bottom and is that the company continues to ignore the situation at Raven Software after the dismissal of several workers. In the same way, questions persist about decisions at the labor level in a company that generates more money every year and breaks its own financial records.

Finally, regarding relations with other brands or companies, the last to speak was Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, who pointed out that it is not in them to reprimand Activision – Blizzard but they continue to analyze the new type of approach they will have from now.

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