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Monster Hunter Rise continues to break it and has already reached 8 million copies sold | LevelUp

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Monster Hunter Rise It continues to consolidate itself as Capcom’s most successful game during 2021 and it seems that, thanks to its arrival on PC, the monster hunt will continue to increase its sales during 2022. Due to this, the game has already reached 8 million copies sold.

This game is undoubtedly one of the most popular on the Switch and possibly the most loved by users of the console that was not developed by Nintendo, so it is not surprising that more and more gamers continue to acquire it.

It seems that the success of Monster Hunter Rise is going to last for a while

Due to this, Capcom has just shared a statement confirming the worldwide sales of the latest installment of the saga, which already reach 8 million (both in physical and digital format) and are helping Monster Hunter Risand become the company’s fifth best-selling game in its entire history.

Remember that the new version of Monster Hunter Rise On PC, it’s a well-crafted optimization that includes everything seen on the Nintendo Switch, but with some advantages that were impossible on Nintendo hardware, such as 4K resolution and more frames per second.

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Finally, Capcom expects the sales of its game to rise much more in 2022, the year in which Sunbreak will be released, a large expansion with new content that will arrive in the summer.

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