Friday, September 30

Introduced Rogue Command, real-time strategy game • Console and Board

A real time strategy game. This is how it is presented Rogue Command, proposal developed by Feneq. It adds deck building and the essence of dungeon crawling.


This novelty will be released during the third quarter of the year on PC, through Steam and under the early access system. While they work on their final version, they will do the same with one for Mac and for Xbox Series X/S. They are already set for 2023.

With the flag strategy, we will gather resources, build a base and, in short, we will shape the most powerful deck, capable of executing intense combos. They will be the way to push back the robots.

What is defined as “a constantly changing solo experience” will invite you to analyze the enemy to formulate the perfect plan of attack. Together with the control of our own units, we would overcome anyone who got ahead.

After each level, we will choose a card that adds a building or a weapon. Decision making and cunning must go hand in hand to overcome the hordes. For its part, we will take advantage of chain reactions, capable of setting fire to entire maps, with its enemies and its forests. It will have texts in Spanish.

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