Wednesday, October 5

Ibai, Tortillaland and Cristinini, among the winners of the ESLAND awards

Yesterday the ESLAND awards gala was held, organized by TheGrefg, which are defined as an event dedicated to celebrating “the quality, creativity and talent of the best creators of Spanish-speaking content”. The motto of this first edition is “Land of Creators” and “evokes a common place for all those who share their ideas and experiences live and day after day. A new land where creators and communities with the in order to recall the best moments of the year 2021”.

The most outstanding name without a doubt is that of Ibai Llanos, one of the streamers most famous in Spanish speaking, which has been able to adapt to the world of entertainment in streaming beyond video game broadcasts. It was not the only award for Ibai, since it also won the best event of the year with La Velada de Boxeo de Ibai, which has confirmed its return in 2022, “best song of the year” for El Cuarteto de Ibai and “fail of the year” for being the chandelier in the kiss between Rosala and Rauw Alejandro.

Main winners ESLAND awards

Below you can see all the nominees, and the winners in bold.

Streamer from the

  • Ibai
  • Auronplay
  • Rubius
  • JuansGuarnizo

Best Content Series

  • Tortillaland (by Auronplay)
  • Marbella Vice
  • Egoland
  • Arcadia

Streamer revelacin

  • elXokas
  • Biyin
  • IlloJuan
  • ElMariana

best event of the year

  • Ibai (The evening)
  • Ibai (Chimes 2021)
  • Ibai (World Balloons)
  • Crew destination AGS 2 (Padel Argentino Markitonavaja)

best trajectory

  • Knekro
  • Outconsumer
  • Fernanfloo
  • Alexelcapo

Best Talk Show of the year

  • spormaniacs
  • IInternet
  • The beach bar
  • The Wild Project

Best Song of the Year

  • Orslok, rojuu – Tofu Delivery
  • Fernanfloo x Bambiel – For the haters
  • Robleis – By air
  • The Ibai Quartet (ft. Lucas Requena & ortoPilot)

Best IRL Streamer

  • Kidi
  • The best
  • inus_Clan
  • Momo (Momoladinastia)

Better caster of the Ao

best esports reporter

  • Yuste
  • Cristinini
  • yellow toad
  • Juice

best esports player of the year

  • Th3Antonio
  • Mixwell
  • Elyoya
  • Josedeodo

Best Roleplayer of the Year

  • Cristinini
  • Reborn
  • AgentMaxo
  • Spursito

Best Dance of the Year

  • DjMariio
  • PapiGavi
  • Ibai
  • Coscu and zzk

The anger of the year

  • DjMariio
  • Nissaxter
  • agustin51
  • Xokas

Fail del ao

  • Ampeter (Each in the House Game)
  • Punch from Tole to Pereira
  • Ibai (40s Awards)
  • Xokas (“I go out and forget the keys”)

best clip of the year

  • Kun Agero (“Vamoh a jug”)
  • Xokas (“This is not a game”)
  • Ibai (“I admit it, I’m Ampeter”)
  • Jgger (in The Evening of the Year)

Best Jgger Award

  • Jagger Boxer
  • Here we go
  • Professor Jagger
  • Jagger Princess

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