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How to clear and remove cache on Samsung TVs

We all know the importance of periodically clearing the cache. Most people do it on their phones and laptops, but we often forget to do it on our Samsung TVs as well. After all, they are smart devices and should be treated the same as any other device.

If you haven’t cleared your cache in a while, now is the time to do so. In this article we explain everything you need to know.

step by step guide

You don’t have to worry if this guide will work for you or not. The process is similar for all Samsung Smart TVs. So grab your remote and get ready to go. It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

Note: Please note that it is not possible to clear the entire cache at once. As you know, the cache is stored in each application, so you will have to repeat the process for all the applications that you are using.

This is what you have to do:

  1. Turn on your Samsung TV.
  2. Press the Home button on your remote.
  3. Open configuration.
  4. Select Applications.
  5. Open system apps.
  6. Select the app whose cache you want to clear.
  7. Select “Clear Cache.”
  8. Confirm by pressing OK.

There you go! The cache should be deleted in a couple of minutes. If you have more apps, don’t forget to repeat the process for each and every one.

This could also be a great opportunity to check if you need to update some apps. Also, if you have apps that you no longer use, you might want to consider deleting them.

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Benefits of clearing cache

Everyone talks about the benefits of clearing cache, but what does it do to your smart TV (or any other device)? Here are some of the things that will happen after you delete your cache:

  1. The speed will increase. We know that the cache can affect the speed and performance of your device, especially if you haven’t cleared it for a while. After doing so, your TV will work faster. You should not expect miracles, but we are sure that you will notice the difference.
  2. You are protecting your device from malware. Many viruses target the cache, knowing that people often forget to clear it. When you do, your device will be more protected against some viruses.
  3. Browser performance will improve. We are not just talking about speed, although that is the most noticeable change. If you had trouble opening some websites, it might be because of things in your cache. That should end now.

There are other less important reasons, but we hope this was enough to convince you to start clearing your cache regularly.

samsung tv wipe and clear cache

How to delete cookies on a Samsung TV?

While you’re here, you may also want to clear the cookies on your Samsung TV. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you cleared your cookies? If you don’t remember, do it now.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn on your Samsung TV.
  2. Press the Home button on your remote.
  3. Open configuration.
  4. Select Broadcast.
  5. Open the Broadcast menu and select Expert Settings.
  6. Open the HbbTV settings.
  7. Select Clear browsing data.
  8. The application will then ask if you want to delete cookies.
  9. Confirm by selecting Yes.
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That’s it! It won’t take more than a minute, but it’s well worth it.

Keep your Samsung TV

Maintaining your devices is much more than dusting them off. If you treat your Samsung TV with care, you can avoid many problems in the future. It doesn’t take much time to clear cache and cookies from time to time. As a result, your TV will last longer and you’ll save money you’d spend on repairs.

How often do you clear the cache? Do you often forget to do it? Let us know in the comments section.

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