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Fortnite: League of Legends Vi skin leaks – When will it be released?

This very morning, with the release of version 19.10 of Fortnite Battle Royale, the datamining community has discovered a new skin very special that arrive soon to the game, in its current Season 1: Back of Chapter 3. It is nothing more and nothing less than We, one of the characters in the universe of League of Legends and protagonist of the recent Arcane series, along with Jinx. Next we tell you all that is known about this aspect, when to arrive at the store, its price and contents.

When will Vi’s skin be released in Fortnite?

As we have anticipated at the beginning of the news, the skin of the character of Vi was found in the code of Fortnite after the most recent update, today’s 19.10, January 18, 2022. One of the most recognized dataminers in the Fortnite community, as it is HYPEX, has shared this discovery on his Twitter account by uploading a image of how the skin looks (although not the only one leaker who has leaked this information, so we can to be sure that it is a skin that you are Epic Games include in the game).

Now the question at hand: When will Vi officially arrive in Fortnite? Okay, there is no date yet real for this to happen, and not even Epic Games has confirmed the launch of the skin, however, we could think that Vi will be released shortly, possibly before next patch, which is quite likely to be scheduled for February 1st. So before that day arrives we should already have Vi in the game.

Price and contents of Vi skin

It’s obvious that I saw being a skin exclusively paid, more if we take into account that Jinx was released a while ago (another League of Legends character with whom he shares a lot) and that skin was also paid. So we can expect Vi to hit the Fortnite store. priced at 1,500 paVos (as happened with Jinx).

From what we can deduce, Vi se throw in a batch of content to include various objects and accessories related to the character. These could be the following:

  • The vi’s outfit as we could see in the League of Legends Arcane series.
  • One Jayce’s Hammer, that be your peak.
  • One mueco, which will surely be your backpack.
  • One gesture Vi-based staff.
  • A charging screen special.

For now, yes, we recommend taking all this information with tweezers. The only reliable thing is what the skin will look like, the rest is really pure speculation which is already being discussed among the Fortnite community. We will have to wait for Epic Games to present a official news with more details, in which case we will be here to share it with you.

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