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Bobby Kotick: I’ll be available for Activision Blizzard as needed | LevelUp

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The news of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard King by Microsoft continues to be talked about. A good part of the comments come from people who thought that after the announcement of the purchase the current general director of Activision Blizzard King, Bobby Kotick, would leave his position, something that will not happen; On the contrary, the manager has just mentioned that he will be available for his company as long as necessary.

Moments after Microsoft officially announced that it would buy Activision Blizzard King, Xbox confirmed that the company’s current CEO will remain with it after the purchase.

These statements were backed up in a letter from Kotick to his employees and the press, in which he says that he will continue in his role with the same passion and enthusiasm that he had when he began leading the company in 1991.

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Will Kotick stay at Activision Blizzard yes or no?

This came into question a short time later, when a report came to light indicating that the manager would leave the company as soon as the agreement was finalized, something that is estimated for before the second half of 2023.

Well, Kotick has just participated in an interview with The New York Times (via VG247) and in it he was questioned precisely about this, if he will cease to be part of Activision Blizzard once the purchase is completed, but the manager refused to give an answer.

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However, he made it clear that it will be made available to Activision Blizzard as needed to ensure the best possible integration with Microsoft. This is consistent with what he mentioned in the letter to his employees, in which he expresses his commitment to evolve the work culture within the company so that at the closing of the deal, Microsoft is acquiring “an exemplary workplace.”

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Kotick had anticipated weeks before the end of 2021 that big changes were coming for Activision Blizzard in 2022, in addition to endorsing his commitment to his employees around creating a better work environment. In this regard, Xbox is grateful for the collaboration of this manager to achieve this goal.

In summary, so far it is officially known that Kotick will continue to lead the company at Activision Blizzard even after the purchase is completed, but there are rumors from sources close to the matter that refer that when the deal is closed the manager will finally leave the company. We will keep you informed.

What do you think of Kotick’s statements? Do you think the director’s departure is coming? Tell us in the comments.

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