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Apple removed this feature for the iPhone 13, and users are upset

Apple has stirred controversy by stripping away features from the iPhone, from the headphone jack to the charger. But this missing feature for the iPhone 13 has gone unnoticed until now.

The latest iPhones don’t support noise cancellation for phone calls like previous models.

As reported by 9to5MacApple support via Twitter confirmed that “phone noise cancellation is not available on iPhone 13 models, so you don’t see this in settings.”

The phone’s Noise Cancellation feature was previously available in the Accessibility settings as an option that you could turn on and off. It was designed to reduce ambient background noise on phone calls when the iPhone receiver is held close to your ear.

Advanced users apparently really liked this feature and noticed that it was missing. TO reddit user started asking about this omission on the iPhone 13 a month ago, stating that “if you’re on the street or on a noisy bus, the person you’re calling won’t understand a thing.”

The phone’s noise-canceling feature is on the iPhone 12, but it’s missing on the iPhone 13. (Image credit: Future)

Initially, the Reddit poster said that Apple support confirmed that Apple engineers are working on it, but the most recent update is that Apple has no plans to offer Phone Noise Cancellation on the iPhone 13.

There has also been a separate thread on apple support forum from October started by user rpwils2 who complained that noise cancellation was missing from his iPhone 13 Pro Max. They complained that “when I use FaceTime and talk on speakerphone my voice cuts out”.

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The most popular reply to this thread from user dagocarlito said at the time that this was a “known issue that they are working on with no resolution timeline at this time. This issue also creates issues with echoes in CarPlay when talking between iPhone 13. This is a major bug that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.”

To be fair, there’s a separate Voice Isolation feature in Control Center that you can turn on during a call, but voice isolation isn’t the same as noise cancellation. Apple says that if you want to leave feedback on this feature, you can go to apple.com/comentarios.

Apple may bring back phone noise cancellation for the iPhone 14, but right now we wouldn’t bet on that. In the meantime, you might want to try AIrPods Pro or AirPods Max, which have active noise cancellation, or check out one of the best noise-cancelling headphones on our list.


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