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Antonio Ruiz conquers the ‘Copa de Maestros’ of ‘Pasapalabra’ and wins the 50,000 euro prize

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La ‘Masters Cup’ with which ‘Pass word’ has celebrated his 20th birthday has ended this Tuesday with the celebration of the grand final between Susana Garca, who got 450,000 euros after solving ‘The donut’ in 2015, and Anthony Ruiz, which achieved 1,164,000 euros in 2017.

Susana Garca, as she was the semi-finalist who signed the most hits in ‘El Rosco’, she has participated in the orange team together with the journalist Esther Cowboy and the comic Leo Harlem, while Anthony Ruiz he has done it in the blue team with the model Juncal Rivero and the journalist Vincent Valls.

Equality has been the dominant trend throughout the final. In this way, both teams have added 26 seconds in ‘One of Four’, the first quiz of the afternoon, after the two of you have answered thirteen questions correctly. In ‘Track’, Esther Cowboy Y Leo Harlem have given 7 more seconds to the orange team, while Anthony Ruiz has allowed to add 5 seconds to the blue team.

In ‘Alphabet soup’, Anthony Ruiz, Juncal Rivero Y Vincent Valls have solved four panels, thus gaining another 20 seconds, while Susana Garca, Esther Cowboy Y Leo Harlemthey have hit five panels, with which they have achieved another 25 seconds. In ‘Where are they?’ the last test before ‘The donut’, the blue team has added 20 more seconds to their score by successfully solving the panel, while the orange team has not added any seconds because they did not solve it.

A decisive 13-second income in ‘El Rosco’

In this way, Anthony Ruiz has had 156 seconds in ‘The donut’, 13 seconds more than Susana Garca, who has coped with the last test with 143 seconds. A difference that has been decisive in determining the winner of the ‘Masters Cup’ from ‘Pass word’.

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Anthony Ruiz, winner of the jackpot in 2017, has answered 22 questions correctly and left three unanswered, those corresponding to the letters ‘F’, ‘L’ and ‘P’, while Susana Garca, winner of the jackpot in 2015, has got 22 questions right and has failed those corresponding to the letters ‘N’, ‘O’ and ‘T’. The contestant from Murcia, in this way, has won the 50,000 euros that were at stake, to which he has added the 2,400 euros that he had secured for reaching the final, which is the amount that the participant from Salamanca has taken.


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