Wednesday, August 17

Activision Blizzard is the largest purchase made by Microsoft

When Microsoft announced today the purchase of Activision Blizzard, we were not only surprised by the important movement that this alliance represents for the video game industry, but also by the significant figure to which the acquisition agreement has risen: the Xbox company will buy each share of Activision Blizzard for $95, which brings the total purchase to $95. $68.7 billion. In this way, the movement announced today (although it has not yet become effective) has been placed as the biggest purchase of all that Microsoft has done.

This was stated by Jon Erlichman, a technology investor. on his personal Twitter account. Looking back we can see that the purchase of Activision Blizzard has far outpaced other major Microsoft acquisitions such as LinkedIn, which I ascended to $26.2 billion, Nuance, which cost 19,700 million or Skype, whose purchase agreement amounted to 8,500 million dollars. If we talk in terms of video games specifically, the purchase of ZeniMax and Bethesda was sold for 7.5 billion dollars, about 10% of what they paid for Activision, while buying Mojang, Responsable of Minecraft the cost 2.5 billion.

Bombshell in the video game industry

There is no doubt that this is one of the most important movements we have seen in the video game industry, something that Xbox will obviously take advantage of to nurture new titles your subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, which has also already exceeded 25 million users. We still have some details to know, such as whether Activision games will become exclusive to Xbox or not, but what is clear to us is that after the closing of the agreement, Microsoft will acquire a good collection of franchises and studios, increasing its developers catalog to more than 30.

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