Saturday, November 26

Xbox boss Phil Spencer thinks PlayStation’s rumored Game Pass is ‘inevitable’

According to information published by Blooomberg at the beginning of last month, Sony would be preparing your own Xbox Game Pass-style subscription service through the merger of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now this spring. This rumored new platform, whose code name will be ‘Spartacus’ According to the anonymous sources that revealed the news, it has not been commented on by PlayStation, so we still do not know if it is official or not.

However, who has reacted to the rumor has been Phil Spencer, jefe de Xbox, who in statements to IGN has talked about the appearance of services similar to Xbox Game Pass is a matter of time: “When I hear that others do things like Xbox Game Pass or that they come to PC, for me makes sense because I think it’s the correct answer“, he says referring to Sony, which has also lately opted to bring great exclusives to computers, such as God of War The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection.

Great releases gives one in the PlayStation Game Pass?

In fact, Spencer believes that the right path is the one that Xbox is following with Game Pass, and hopes that Sony will do the same with its rumored new subscription service: “I think the correct answer is to release great games, release them on PC, release them on console, launch them in the cloud, publish them the first day in the subscription. And that’s what I expect our competitor to do.” Such practices, such as posting major releases the day they premiere on the subscription service, have been openly criticized by many. Jim Ryan, Chairman and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, who called the Xbox Game Pass model “unsustainable.”

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Finally, the head of Xbox explains that the alleged arrival of this new service is not a sign of the obvious success of Xbox Game Pass, but rather an incentive to continue improving it: “I don’t see it as a validation. Actually, when I talk to our equipment, I talk about it as something inevitable. So for us, we have to keep innovating, keep competing, because the things that we’re doing can be advantages we have in the market today, but it’s just based on the fact that we are the first, not that we have created something that nobody else can create”.

for now there is no official confirmation of the arrival of this new service of subscription to PS5 and PS4, but it is true that the company has begun to withdraw PlayStation Now cards from stores and PS3 games have begun to appear in the PS Store, which would correspond to one of the advantages that would be included in one of several tier of the subscription.

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