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Will it be the end? Xbox does not know if it will continue with the FPS Boost program | LevelUp

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The current generation of Xbox brought with it many of the video games that were released on previous Microsoft consoles, thanks to backward compatibility. At the same time, the development team thought that it was not just about allowing older titles to be played, but also about improving the experience, which was made possible by the FPS Boost program. However, it seems that this type of improvement has its days numbered because it has found limits that prevent it from continuing.

FPS Boost encountered new difficulties and its permanence is questioned

Last November, Jason Ronald, director of project management for Xbox, announced that the FPS Boost program would be stopped due to the details they have found in 80% of the titles they tested for improvements in their frame rate per second. Unfortunately, it seems that those statements were a bad omen because now the team in charge of this technology is not sure if they will be able to continue.

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The foregoing after in an interview, the manager revealed that they have encountered technical difficulties and that it is not possible to apply the FPS Boost at this time without touching the code of a video game, something that they simply cannot do for various reasons: “one of The challenges that we have in some of the enhancements and capabilities is that we do all of this without code changes to the actual original game, so as we identify new techniques to improve and optimize titles, we often know that we don’t it will work on all games. A lot of times, we try to find solutions, and see if we can solve those problems, but right now we don’t have the ability to change the game code directly. To be honest, we don’t really know at this point if FPS Boost will come back “.

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In case you didn’t know, the FPS Boost program enabled some select video games that came out on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, which saw a significant improvement in their visual performance thanks to the increase in frame rate per second.

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