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Who will be the new voice of Gohan in Dragon Ball Super? This said Eduardo Garza | LevelUp

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The dubbing industry dressed in mourning when, on February 29, 2020, the sad news of the death of Luis Alfonso Mendoza, legendary dubbing actor recognized for being the official voice of adult Gohan for Latin America, emerged. Almost 2 years have passed since her terrible loss and, with a new film from Dragon Ball Super on the horizon, fans have already begun to question the character’s future in our region.

As you surely know, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the new feature film in the franchise, will bring back the Red Patrol in the antagonistic role, while everything seems to indicate that Gohan will be the protagonist of this new adventure. Unfortunately, Luis Alfonso Mendoza will no longer be with us to lend his voice to the character, so those responsible for dubbing will find themselves in the sad need to find a replacement.

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On this subject, the prestigious actor and dubbing director Eduardo Garza spoke briefly about how difficult it is to replace colleagues and what will happen with Gohan’s new voice.

The dubbing of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be respectful of the work of Luis Alfonso Mendoza

Eduardo Garza, who was the dubbing director of the last films of the franchise, turned to his account TikTok to answer some questions from fans. Naturally, he ran into a question from a user regarding Gohan’s new voice.

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“That is a very bittersweet question. Indeed, we are happy because a new film is coming, the continuation of all this. On the other hand, knowing that there are several who are no longer going to be like Luis Alfonso (…) It is always a bitter pill to have to replace colleagues.

The actor, who also plays Krillin in Dragon Ball, admits that he still doesn’t know what he’s going to do with Gohan. He emphasizes that everything is the client’s decision, so it is possible that there will be a casting where he can recommend some actors who are capable of giving continuity to the character. Likewise, it is also possible that he and the company behind the dubbing of the project can choose the substitute directly if the client allows it.

“Believe me that we are going to do it with the greatest professionalism and the greatest respect so that the work is as Luis Alfonzo would like it,” concluded the prestigious dubbing actor.

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But tell us, who would you like to be Gohan’s new voice in Dragon Ball Super? Let us read you in the comments.

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