Friday, September 30

What are you going to play this weekend?

There are not enough days in the weekend. Two just isn’t enough. Okay sure, Friday night counts, so maybe weekends can count as 2.5 days. Still, that’s pretty short, and there never seems to be enough time to do what you want before work rolls again.

But, time is what you make of it. And we plan to use some of that time playing games over the weekend.

Over the next few days, we plan to dive into an RPG buildup, try to get someone interested in gaming, enjoy playing an amnesiac alcoholic detective, and play something that is both high-risk and rewarding at the same time.

This is what we will play this weekend.

Dom Peppiatt, Features Editor – Disco Elysium, Spelunky 2

It’s been a long week getting used to my new role here at Juice Mobile and trying to stay sober while I (foolishly) attempt Dry January to give my liver a break after the Christmas binge. What better way to relax and go power crazy than by playing elysee nightclub? I can be a raving communist cop, preach the end of days, and investigate what appears to be a tiny hole in the center of reality, all while taking liberal shots of whatever booze I’ve managed to wrangle off the poverty-stricken streets of Martinaise. mmm!

When I’m not pretending to be an absolute mess of a human being, I’ll be playing caving 2 with my non-gaming partner as it’s one of this week’s awesome additions to Xbox Game Pass. I introduced it to him last night, and after about 45 minutes of trying (and failing miserably) to get through the first level, he gave up and we went to play something a little less stressful: Peggle 2. Well, we thought about it. it would be less stressful, but it still ended up calling me a word that I don’t dare to write here… let’s see if the weekend is a little more pleasant, okay?

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Dorrani Williams, productora de video – Escape from Tarkov

This weekend I will be playing Escape from Tarkov. I’m not in the mood for EFT all the time, but right now I’m looking for high-risk, high-reward games. One of the most satisfying feelings is going into a raid with a budget loadout and killing a player who has arrived with all their best gear. It gets your adrenaline flowing.

There’s really nothing like Escape from Tarkov, but it’s not for everyone: the skill ceiling is very high, it has a terrible onboarding of new players, you spend more time managing your team than playing, and the realistic handling of weapons. It has a steep learning curve. But, if you can get past those things and take the time to learn and understand the game, it can be a lot of fun.

Also, as always, I’ll be playing apex legends. I’m currently at Diamond rank, and since the season will end soon, I hope to make one last push to reach Master rank. Wish me luck!

James Billcliffe, Guidebook Editor: A Stupid Amount of Great RPGs at Once

Right now, I have a ridiculous number of pots boiling in the Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC range.

On the PS5 the main game I’m reading is Horizon: Zero Dawn in preparation for Forbidden West next month, but I also have the updated versions of death stranding, final fantasy 7 Y Jedi: Fallen Order, along with the rest of Ratchet y Clank: Rift Apart competing for my attention.

Then on Xbox, as I said last week, I have the DLC additions to the Mass Effects Trilogy I have never played marked as essential. And there is also the always playable Forza Horizon Y FIFA22 ready to fill any gap.

But then there’s the end of Terror metroide – an amazing and incredibly frustrating game in equal parts – that threatens to become too inscrutable with each passing day.

>And still with all that, here I am installing the highly rated indie To the east on my PC Please see the light soon.

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Sherif Saed, escritor del personal – God of War (PC)

I had a great time with the PC version of god of war 2018. As you may have seen from our tech review, this is a largely solid port that delivers most of what you’d expect, even if it misses out on some crucial elements, and ultimately isn’t much better than PS4/PS5.

However, the vastly improved frame rate, DLSS support, and overall sharper visuals got me hooked on the game again. I’m almost done with the main story, but I want to do some cleaning this weekend. Much of the landmass in the Lake of Nine has surfaced, and I want to clear all the remaining quests and pick up any collectibles I missed there.

I also have some Realm Tears and a couple more things to take care of before the final push. When I originally played the game on PS4, I had all but two of the Valkyrie fights left, so I want to finish them all this time as well.

As well as allowing me to spend more time with the game’s combat, this game also gave me an even deeper appreciation for the narrative and how it’s presented, particularly as a fan of Norse mythology.

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor – God of War (PC), Pokemon Snap, probably something else

I don’t have a PS4 so I could never play God of War (2018). Fortunately, Sony decided to put it on PC, so they brought it to Steam, and I’m going to try and play it over the weekend. I say give it a try because my partner is also a huge God of War fan, we’ve both played every other title in the franchise so he’s going to want to play it too. I can let him try it first. Depends on whether I feel charitable or not (wink).

I haven’t finished either potion craft, which I played a little during the holidays. So, I can come back to that sometime over the weekend.

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As I told you before, my mother has become completely obsessed with Pokémon Go and Pokémon in general. You’re quickly becoming a bit of an expert on which type works best against another, and what you have. Since he really likes Pokémon and hasn’t played any video games since he tried out Pitfall and Frogger on my dad’s Atari, I’m going to lend him my Switch and buy a copy of Snap Pokémon for her. I think it would be a great introduction to modern video games, plus it’s a Pokémon game. It will probably teach you how to play it and how to use the controller for a couple of hours, but it will probably be quite fun for both of you. I’ll make her a player yet!

Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief – The new (sort of) Mortal Kombat movie

I can’t write about Wordle every week, I thought moments before remembering watching last year’s Mortal Kombat movie earlier in the week. To my great surprise, it really wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t that good either.

To me, it all felt a bit like a slightly grosser, gore-ridden modern Marvel movie. A gang of superhumans come together to take on a gang of bad superhumans. The big surprise was the lack of an actual tournament, even though it was mentioned every five minutes. Kano stole the show, being by far the most interesting character, though this could be because everyone else was extremely dull outside of their abilities.

There were enough winks and nods to fans (or just casual gamers) without it going overboard, but it all ended in such a weak way that I was actually surprised it was over. When movies set up sequels, that’s fine, but this ended like waiting for the first hour of a 10-episode Netflix show to end.

In conclusion, the movie was fine. 5 half-length sawn/5 half-length sawn.

That’s what we’re doing this weekend. And you? What do you plan to play?

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