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This viral clip from Forza Horizon 5 is reminiscent of a scene from Shin-chan: The Grownups Strike Back

Forza Horizon 5, the successful driving title from Playground Games, continues to surprise us in the middle of 2022 thanks to countless clips that are equally funny and surreal. The attached clip that you can see below this text has gone viral in just two days after its publication on January 15, and consists essentially of a player placing second in a race because a car lands on him. Yes, what happens in the clip is just what you read, and it is so surprising that since the moment of its publication it has garnered thousands of interactions that are increasing with each passing hour.

Boom, the original author of the clip, highlights the publication with a nice message that says “you should delete the game”. At the time of this writing, the clip has over 622,500 likes, 6.6 million views and it has been shared more than 117,500 times, quite an achievement, although the video deserves it. If we look at the clip in detail, we can see that the player who posted it has a clear advantage over other competitors. However, just after jumping down a ramp, the car that was in second position manages to gain momentum on the same ramp to be placed on its roof. When both vehicles reach the finish line, the player who was first appears as second.

Reasonable similarities between Forza Horizon 5 and Shin-chan

As we have highlighted in the headline, this fun clip inevitably reminds us of a scene from the Japanese animated film Shin-chan: The adults fight back in which several cars managed to form a column of vehicles by putting one on top of the other. On the other hand, we are not surprised by the ease with which these types of clips appear considering the large number of players who invest hundreds of hours in the video game, which is on its way to forming a large community of drivers.

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