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This NBA player hears a sound from The Legend of Zelda every time he scores

Everytime that Jarrett Allen, a Cleveland Cavaliers player, scores a point during a game, a very recognizable sound plays through the stadium speakers for those die-hard fans of The Legend of Zelda. As reported from Kotaku, the basketball player has previously shown his passion for video games through social networks. Without going any further, in a post on his personal Twitter on September 12, 2017, we can read Allen congratulating gamers on Video Game Day, also highlighting that his favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time very often of Super Smash Bros., although it does not specify which game of the saga.

In a column by American journalist Zach Lowe called Jarrett Allen’s Zelda love affair, Lowe reveals that Allen considers himself a big fan of the saga created by Shigeru Miyamoto to the point that “he collects memorabilia related to Zelda What a 3D print of a particular shield (probably in Hylian Shield)”. In fact, going through his Twitter posts again, we can get to see a tweet dating from June 2016 in which he shows his high expectations about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a revolutionary title that this year will receive a sequel expected by the vast majority of players.

Players can choose their own sound

Apparently, coaches at basketball games often ask individual players what sound effect they want to play after scoring. Allen did not think twice and opted for the typical sound that we hear in any The Legend of Zelda al open a chest or discover a secret. The player chose this sound when he joined the ranks of the Brooklyn Nets and has remained with the Cleveland Cavaliers to this day. In the clip that we accompany you below you can hear the sound -if you sharpen your ear a lot due to the background noise that the recording has- from the minute 3:01.

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