Friday, September 30

They manage to adapt the original Tomb Raider to work on a Game Boy Advance

Can you imagine playing the origin of the adventures of Lara Croft in the palm of your hand? A YouTube user known as Timur Gagiev is working on an exact recreation of the first Tomb Raider especially designed so that a Game Boy Advance can run it without problems. As reported from Nintendo Life, the attached video that you will find below shows a give alpha of this adaptation known as OpenLara, although it is a spectacular first look at this project considering that it is a title originally released for Sega Saturn, PC and PlayStation.

It should be noted that the Game Boy Advance is a more powerful console than it appears on its surface, and that is that it is a system porttil de 32 bits capable of executing with ease some games in three dimensions such as Doom The Doom II. However, never before have we seen a title of the characteristics of the first Tomb Raider on Nintendo’s veteran handheld, probably one of the best looking 3D games we’ve seen on the system. Of course, the gameplay looks fluid and the buttons respond correctly to their respective actions without complications, in addition to look really good on the small screen GBA.

Its creator wants to design a version for DS

In the words of one of the users who follows this project, “the fully three-dimensional and articulated character model makes it look light years away from anything that had been done before on the console.” In fact, there are not a few who point out that this trial version already looks even better than the original version. official version released for Nokia N-Gage. According to the creator of this spectacular recreation of Tomb Raider in GBA, its objective is to continue optimizing this version with the intention of launching, later, another adaptation for Nintendo DS, the best-selling laptop in history.

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