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They delay the end of the season of a famous anime for fear of a tsunami | LevelUp

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Last Saturday, January 15, a volcano erupted underground near Tonga. It was a situation that caused natural disasters and set off alarms in many countries.

Due to its proximity to Tongo, there was fear in Japan about the possibility of a tsunami reaching the country. This situation caused Toei Animation to postpone the end of season 3 of World Trigger, a famous anime series.

The anime chapter was originally scheduled to debut at 1:30 AM Japan time on January 16. That said, as the Japanese meteorological agency issued tsunami warnings, Toei Animation decided to abruptly postpone the premiere.

According to the animation studio, at a later date they will be notified of the date and time that the last episode of Season 3 of World Trigger.

It is worth mentioning that the anime was not the only one affected. Other Japanese television programs were postponed so that the media could cover the natural phenomenon. This was the most sensible, since in 8 prefectures up to 220,000 people had to be evacuated and storm surges of up to 1.2 meters were recorded.

Fortunately, so far no injuries or major incidents related to these natural phenomena have been reported in Japan.

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