Friday, September 30

The FIFA Best Awards gala, live

Last minute of The Best 2021 Awards, live

19.03. The gala is already underway. FIFA President Gianni Infantino appears.

18.25. We remember that the votes are divided into four parts:

25% votes from selectors

25% captain votes

25% votes from journalists

25% fan votes

6:18 p.m. We are reviewing the merits of each one in this last year and you can judge for yourselves.


43 goals and 19 assists in 61 games

– Marc 29 of his 36 league goals in 2021

– Has 5 goals in 5 Champions League games with PSG

He won the Copa del Rey, the Copa América with Argentina, the Pichichi trophy and the Copa América top scorer trophy.


38 goals and 14 assists in 54 games

– Ningn tulo

– Qualification of Egypt for the next World Cup


– Marc 41 Bundesliga goals, of which 24 were during the calendar year, that is, in the past 2021.

– In the Champions League in 2021 he scored two goals in the two games he played for a total of 5 goals in six games. His absence in the tie against PSG was decisive for the elimination of the German team.

– Scored two goals in the Club World Cup semi-final and provided an assist in the final

– Two more goals in the Super Cup final in which his team beat Dortmund (1-3)

In total he scored, between Bayern and the national team, 60 goals in 70 games and distributed 14 assists.

They won the Bundesliga, the Club World Cup, the German Super Cup and the Golden Boot.

18:15. Good afternoon everyone!! We are here to bring you all the details of this gala in which Leo Messi, Robert Lewandowski y Mohamed Salah opt for the award. We will review the data and all the details surrounding this The Best 2021.

Leo Messi (Football Club Barcelona and PSG), Robert Lewandowskiand (Bayern Mnich) y Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) are the finalists for The Best award granted by FIFA this Monday from 7:00 p.m. These three footballers opt to become the best player in the world of the year 2021 in a gala that will be telematics. Follow live through minute by minute and with the Special Awards The Best 2021 on the Twitch channel of BRAND.

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