Tuesday, October 4

The botched end to the ‘Djokovic case’

I declare myself pro-vaccines. Not because of scientific knowledge, which I have the same as Djokovic (very little), but because of the data I read about the percentages of people who die without them. The clarification was necessary to address the way in which Australia has expelled Djokovic, a smear for freedoms.

The Serbian should not have been allowed to enter the country directly: no is ok

When he argued for an exemption outside the prescribed time limits, he lied in a response at the border… If they had stopped him at first, Australia would have been exemplary and the residue that would have remained is that no one is above the law. But not.

In a decision that is only understood from the political point of view, he turned a blind eye to one of the sports stars.

And either they let him get to the country to demonstrate how iron his border policy is, or they realized that they were screwing up when they already had the tennis player in Melbourne. Whatever, whatever

It seems inconceivable is that the argument that deported Djokovic is that he is an anti-vaccine icon and that since society uses elite athletes as loudspeakers, he was a risk to the country

, without even asking the defendant his opinion about them. “Without breaking a law, since they see you like that and it’s risky, you have to leave”

What will be next? Deport a musical group because its lyrics talk about suicide and can incite it?

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