Friday, September 30

The Anacrusis releases its launch trailer • Console and Dashboard

As planned, The Anacrusis It is already a reality on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, through the early access system. Stray Bombay, his studio, remembers him with the now traditional launch trailer.


A cooperative futuristic first-person shooter for up to four players. This is how this title is defined, whose plot takes place aboard a huge spaceship, stranded in space.

What promises to be a replayable fight will take us to face hordes of aliens, unlocking weapons and advantages, as well as more forms of team play. The artificial intelligence She will be in charge of generating the enemies, controlling the bosses and placing the objects, “finding the perfect level of challenge”.

Among the tools to use to stay alive, classic weapons appear. Also, useful laser rifles or a shield grenade, which protects us while we heal our teammates (or return them to the stage). The matter compilers will be the ones that give access to infinite advantages, influencing the way of playing. This proposal is compatible with ‘mods’, encouraging the community to create them.

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