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Sony renews brands of a PlayStation studio that no longer exists | LevelUp

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PlayStation is one with more than 2 decades in the video game industry. This is why the company has allowed the birth of many development teams, but has also put an end to the history of others.

One of the studios that grew alongside PlayStation, but unfortunately disappeared, was Psygnosis, a development studio that became SCE Studio Liverpool and closed its doors in 2021. This company is remembered by many thanks to the fact that they were in charge of the creation and development of Wipeout.

It is a study that seemed to be forgotten for Sony, but now the company has shown us that this is not the case. We say this because recently Sony renewed trademarks related to Psygnosis. Specific, renewed game logo branding.

The brand that renewed Sony

Considering that Sony recently bought Firesprite, a study with ex-employees of Psygnosis/Studio Liverpool, this is a situation that has attracted a lot of attention. This has already sparked speculation that the studio will change to this name or that Sony is planning some relaunch of the studio’s old glories.

However, the reality is that there is nothing else that points to this being a reality. This is why we recommend you take all speculation with caution and not see it as fuel for hype. After all, Sony most likely renewed the trademark solely to protect it.

And you, why do you think Sony has renewed this brand? Tell us in the comments.

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