Wednesday, August 17

Scream is coming to Among Us: Ghostface and more skins coming soon

Among Us has already a new collaboration in sight. The InnerSloth indie has recently confirmed that new skins from the horror movie saga will arrive in the game Scream to Spain and the whole world, and among them to highlight the quintessential villain of these films: Ghostface. To celebrate the announcement, part of the cast of the new movie played Among Us with several streamers (KaraCorvus, TinaKitten or 5up among others):

Among Us and Scream come together in a terrifying collaboration

This past Friday, Spanish cinemas will premiere Scream, the new and fifth movie of this long-running horror/slasher saga that has been giving us some good scares since 1996. To celebrate, it seems that InnerSloth and Paramount Pictures have agreed to move to the popular game of various social deduction skins based on this same movie.

Although the news has not revealed too much information, at least we know that Ghostface, the main villain of the saga, will have its own skin in the game. In fact, we have already been able to see an image of how to wear this mythical suit with the assassin mask in Among Us.

Even with everything, it is unknown what more cosmetics will arrive to the game through collaboration. Maybe they’ll be included in a new paid Cosmicube, or maybe they’ll hit the store on their own. InnerSloth has also not made it clear when will they be availableThey just said that early will be included in the title, so we do not yet have an exact date to enjoy these cosmetics.

Is It’s not the first collaboration with skins that takes place in Among Us. A few months ago the game also received several special skins from the League of Legends universe. The title has had a such an overwhelming success that has expanded even outside the world of video games. Next February it will receive a manga adaptation through the Japanese magazine Bessatsu CoroCoro.

Among Us It is included within the Casual and Online Multiplayer games and is currently available in PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch y mviles Android e iOS. don’t forget visit our complete game guide if you want to become expert impostors.

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