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Pokémon Legends: Arceus, a new 13-minute preview • Console and Board

There is no talk of anything else. Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be a reality later this month and Nintendo continues to share videos. On this occasion, it arrives in the form of an advance, 13 minutes long.


On January 28, the one that promises to mark a before and after in the saga will be available on Nintendo Switch. To try to convince the undecided, or to make the wait even more unbearable, a review of the title’s characteristics is made.

As we already know, we will travel to the Hisui region in a time before the friendship between humans and Pokémon, shaping the first pokedex. Over time, it would be known as Sinnoh, but for now, it will be time to discover the beginning of time.

Monte Corona will be surrounded by varied ecosystems, which serve as a home for pocket creatures and are a source of different materials. with them, and through the crafting, we will be able to create useful objects, among which some inventions called Poké Ball appear…

While we help each other with our Pokémon to collect these materials, we will see the faces with wild creatures. They will vary depending on the time and the type of weather. Each species will have its temperament, which is why some respond better than others when approaching. There will even be those with very bad tempers.

The summary of the 13 minutes of pokemon legends He goes on to stress the importance of treading carefully, since if we lose consciousness, we may also lose some of our objects. Regarding the Pokédex, we must know that our mission is to investigate and catalog the species, under the orders of Professor Lavender.

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As we make discoveries, submitting reports, we will rise in rank. Of course, we will get money for the effort. To explore the entire region, we can make use of special Pokémon. We will get on their backs to travel the terrain at a higher speed, to to fly and to sail.

In Jubilee Villa we will find the center of operations of Team Galaxia and of our own investigations. Every time we complete a mission, we will have to return there to take the next one. The tailor shop, the workshop and the barter post, with which to exchange Pokémon with other trainers, will also be based in this charming town.

The requests to be completed will be registered on the Arceus Mobile device, as well as serving to guide oneself. They go through obtaining certain Pokémon, as detailed in the video itself.

at the time of fight with creatures, you need to throw a Poké Ball at them. Stealth will be essential to success, aided by items. The fights continue to maintain the essence of turns, although now the movements are divided into a strong style and a fast style. We will use one or the other depending on the strategy to follow.

Creatures that are different from others of their kind are known as Pokémon alfas. We will distinguish them by their large size and their disturbing red eyes. They are more aggressive than normal and, of course, it will not be easy to add them to the collection.

The presentation ends with a review of the character customization options, visiting the tailor shop. We will unlock outfits as we progress through the adventure. Finish with the stately pokemon, wreaking havoc in the region. Our mission? Appease them. The calm spheres, created with food, will be the great allies. Tactical plans will once again be essential to calm them down.

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