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PlayStation player won a trophy a day for the last 8 years | LevelUp

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While for some players they are harmless and lack any real utility, PlayStation trophies are a very important item for other people. In that sense, a player recently went viral for his extreme passion for this popular system that was introduced at the beginning of the PlayStation 3 generation.

We are talking about the user Shadiochao, who through a reddit post unveiled his impressive achievement: getting at least one trophy every day for the last 3,000 days. In this way, he was able to achieve an impressive total of 20,270 trophies over the course of 8 years.

Image via reddit

The streak of this player began on that distant October 25, 2013, just when he got the platinum trophy of Grand Theft Auto V. As we can see in the screenshot he shared, in the days to come he set out to play and unlock all the trophies of Sonic Unleashed.

Shadiochao said in the comments section that he started keeping easy trophies from some games as a backup, a practice that has become increasingly common. He explains that in the beginning, he just played and unlocked the trophies without even trying.

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Finally, the PlayStation fan claimed that he also used a PS Vita to play games and get trophies when he couldn’t use his main console. Either way, it’s impossible to deny the impressive achievement of this player, although we have no doubt that someone else will dare to surpass him in the future.

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But tell us, how many trophies do you have on PlayStation? What is your best streak? Let us read you in the comments.

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