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Paul McLaughlin, Fable Art Director and Industry Veteran, Passes Away | LevelUp

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The video game industry is in mourning, as Paul McLaughlin, known for being the art director of the saga FableHe passed away at the age of 57 after a battle with cancer. The creative had a career of more than 30 years in which he made history thanks to his work in various sagas and studies.

His work was important for the development of the industry in the United Kingdom, so several of his colleagues remembered part of his career and gave him some farewell words. They all highlighted McLaughlin’s talent and how important he was to the history of video games.

Paul McLaughlin, a developer with a long legacy for the industry

McLaughlin is best known for his artwork that he did for Fable when he was part of the Lionhead ranks. However, during his 3 decades in the industry he also collaborated on other projects, such as Dungeon Keeper, Populous 2, Theme Park, Syndicate Y Magic Carpet.

This gave him the opportunity to work at Bullfrog Productions and 22cans alongside other important creatives such as Peter Molyneux, who remembered McLaughlin and highlighted his talent for video games.

“Paul came into my life in 1990 when he started at Bullfrog as employee number 4. He was the first game artist I had ever met. It immediately became invaluable, an essential part of the many titles we all work on. Then, when Lionhead was created, he not only directed Black & White, The Movies Y Fable, but also helped run the company. A great artist, a wonderful mentor and an inspiring man,” Molyneux said.

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Other industry insiders, including Media Molecule co-founder and creative director Mark Healey, lamented McLaughlin’s departure. He stressed that his death is a great loss and that his legacy will always remain alive in the people with whom he worked and helped at all times.

Social media was also filled with thanks from various developers and creatives who knew McLaughlin throughout his career.

We at LEVEL UP mourn the passing of Paul McLaughlin and wish him peace in his final rest. We also send our condolences to his family and loved ones.

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