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Pandemic: The Board Game disappears from digital stores at the request of those responsible

Pandemic: The Board Game is a video game that adapts a popular board game that, as you can imagine, is about contain a pandemic that threatens to wipe out humanity. Its managers, Asmodee Digital, have confirmed today that this title can no longer be purchased on Steam, iOS or Google Play, and that soon their versions of Microsoft Store Y eShop, so it cannot be purchased for Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, where it can still be purchased at a price of 19.99 euros (in Spain). Those who have the game in their library will be able to continue downloading it.

It was a reddit user who has shared the response that the studio has given him regarding the non-availability of Pandemic: “Unfortunately, we will withdraw Pandemic Of the stores. We have worked hard for four years on Pandemic and withdrawing it has not been an easy choice. This decision was made with great regret for a multitude of reasons that we cannot reveal“, they explain in the email issued to this player.

When will it disappear from Xbox and Switch?

The page of Pandemic and Steam now reflects a notice in which we can read the following: “At the request of the publisher, Pandemic: The Board Game is no longer for sale on Steam.” It is also not available in the digital stores of iOS and Android, while Microsoft Store It will be withdrawn next January 31. For your removal from the eShop de Nintendo Switch there is still a little more, since the company has set the end of the sale of the game for the end of July of this year.

While Asmodee Digital alludes to that “multitude of reasons that we cannot reveal” as the reason for the withdrawal of Pandemic: The Board Game, the truth is that this game was involved in controversy when the Epic Games Store wanted to give it away shortly before the coronavirus pandemic reached the entire world. However, since then the development of the game has proceeded without further mishap, and in fact this summer has received a new DLC, so it is difficult to guess all those reasons that have led to this complicated decision.

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