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Killer Instinct: Bandai Namco would be working with Xbox on a ‘reboot’

We have been echoing rumors for several months that point to the return of Killer Instinct, the fighting saga created by Rare that already had a reboot in November 2013 accompanying the launch of Xbox One. Now, Jez Corden, journalist at Windows Central and regular leaker of Xbox Game Studios projects, suggests that the Microsoft firm is developing a new reboot in collaboration with Bandai Namco.

Corden doesn’t quite put his hand in the fire, but says, “I’ve also heard the vaguest of baseless rumors that one of Bandai Namco’s fighting game development teams might be involved, though I haven’t been able to independently verify it yet.” insider aade that previously in an event, a Xbox worker told him that creating a team or finding one to make a fighting game was difficult, so leaving that feat to one of the teams that have worked on Tekken, Soulcalibur Y Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it will be simpler.

In December 2021, Microsoft contracts with Erin Piepergerdes as executive producer for Xbox Game Studios. Piepergerdes has worked on the saga Mortal Kombat since they were developed by Midway Games until recently with Netherrealm. Other XGS titles, such as Age of Empires IV, have relied on production by internal teams (in this case, World’s Edge) while development was handled by an external team (Relic Entertainment in that example).

Phil Spencer says they are still interested in the saga

Last October, Nick Baker, co-founder of Xbox Era and usual insider, I assure you this supposed new Killer Instict is in “active development” for team other than Iron Galaxy, responsible together with Double Helix for the title released in 2013. In June, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, assured that they wanted to do something with the series: “It’s about finding the right team and the right opportunity.”

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Killer Instinct were released in 2013 as a game that arrived in stores somewhat lacking in content, a situation that we reflected in our review at the time. Three years later, with the release of Season 3, we revisited the game again, this time to give it an outstanding rating. Since 2017 it does not receive new content, but it continues active on both PC and Xbox, there is available on GamePass.

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