Wednesday, September 28

Introduced Captain’s Log, ship board game • Console and Board

On February 1, it will see the light in Kickstarter Captain’s Log. A few weeks before the start of the campaign, we compiled the details around this board game.


Captain’s Log it’s a board game 1 to 4 participants, with competitions from 2 to 4 hours, indicated from 14 years old. The Present Is Future Games label is behind the project, which will hit Kickstarter on February 1.

The intention is to publish it in Spanish, English and French. The plot will drag us to a colonial era, in a fight to be the most famous captain of the seven seas. The first step will be to select our boat, with a marked first decision-making.

If we choose a fast and agile one, we will be giving up resistance; by sticking with a strong one, we will have to deal with the slowness. The Balance It will be part of the possibilities. From there, whether aboard a terrifying caravel or a fast sailing ship, we will put into practice the art of trade, looking for doubloons.

Expanding the crew and improving weapons and cargo capacity will be part of the possibilities, along with the option to sign up for a mission, with its reward. The ocean will be full of valuable treasures, but also enemies.

Wealth will bring with it greed, so it is preferable “not to trust our friends”, in the words of the publisher. As we explore the map, we will come across ships belonging to Spain, Holland, France and England, the nations of Captain’s Log.

We can join a nation, in exchange for advantages. To our misfortune, we will also antagonize them, avoiding sinking. As in any self-respecting game of this theme, the corsairs and pirates They will join the meetings.

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If we want to be part of that life, we can always be pirates and allies of a nation. We will not give up the “mischief”, although without losing loyalty.

No less important will be the changing weather conditions. They force you to be prepared for any setback, in the form of wind, low tide or storm. Following the essence of a ‘sandbox’, the limits will be set by the stage itself.

It will be in each round when the players move both their ships and those assigned to them. When everyone has completed their turn, the time counter advances one space. The game will end the moment someone reaches the score set at the start, claiming victory.

Each participant’s turn consists of one move and one action, two actions, or one action and one move (don’t forget the assigned ships in addition to your own). The wind will influence movement, while facing is a constant. As far as actions are concerned, we find explorations, ranged combat and repairs, among other options.


  • 77 Mission Cards
  • 43 PC-NPC Cards
  • 31 Captain Cards
  • 22 Event Cards
  • 13 Treasure Cards
  • 6 North and Wind Direction Charts
  • 4 Fame and Reputation Cards
  • 4 Summary Cards
  • War Card
  • 21 Map Tiles
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 4 Market Boards
  • Score Board
  • Reputation Dashboard
  • Shipyard and Tavern Board
  • 44 Officer and Specialist Upgrade Tokens
  • 16 Nation Upgrade Tokens
  • 40 Coin Tokens
  • 30 Damage and Wound Tokens
  • 32 Barrel Timer
  • 24 Ship Base Tokens
  • 24 Flag Tokens
  • 16 Ammo Tokens
  • 4 Markers L
  • 10 Dice of 12 Faces
  • 20 Sided Dice
  • 4 Aggressive NPC Thumbnails
  • 4 Defensive NPC miniatures
  • 4 Merchant NPC miniatures
  • 4 PC/Player Miniatures
  • Miniatures of the Kraken
  • 80 Player Reels
  • 30 Water Damage
  • 30 Fire Damage
  • 30 guns
  • 25 Sugar Cubes
  • 25 Cotton Cubes
  • 25 Silver Cubes
  • 25 Tea Cubes
  • 20 Wooden Cubes
  • 15 Oil Cubes
  • Cloth bag
  • 2 Regulations

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