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Ikai, the Japanese horror game developed in Spain, will arrive on March 29

Ikai, the first-person psychological horror adventure set in Japanese folklore, will come the March 29, 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC at a price of 29.99 euros, as announced by the publisher PM Studios and the independent development studio Endflame, located in Barcelona.

In addition to the digital edition that is available on Steam, PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop, there will be a edition in physical format distributed by PM Studios that will include, in addition to the game, a postcard and a sheet of stickers. Of course, a European version of the game in a box has not been announced at the moment, which is only available in the North American division of Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy for free. 34,99 dlares.

Psychological horror focused on exploration and puzzles

Announced in June of last year, Ikai it is a first person horror adventure focused on atmosphere, exploration and puzzles, some of which will require drawing protection seals. There will be no lack of Japanese spirits and yokai, entities before whom it will be necessary to go unnoticed or run depending on the situation, since the protagonist can’t attack or defend.

You can try one demo for PC via Steam, where the developers promise: “Each game mechanic is intended to increase this recognizable feeling of helplessness and create an atmosphere of tension. Slow, precise and natural movements as a mode of interaction resemble those of real life to promote immersion in the mysterious world of Ikai“.

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The plot will put the players in the shoes of On the eye, a skeptical priestess with the rumors about demons and ghosts that swarm among the villagers of the nearby town. Cut off from the outside world after the priest travels to the village to address the situation, Naoko slowly realizes that the rumors may be true.

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