Wednesday, October 5

Halo Infinite cosmetics will be reduced in price starting tomorrow

The multiplayer of Halo Infinite receive new settings from tomorrow. As it comes to us from Wccftech, Jerry Hook, head of design at 343 Industries, has recently shared a statement with the intention of announcing that multiplayer cosmetics will receive a price reduction in response to community feedback. Without a doubt, this is very good news for those players who dedicate many hours to the different online multiplayer modes with free access; this report again confirms the involvement of 343 Industries in improving aspects such as progression or challenges.

Prices will be reduced and packages will be more attractive

“We’ve closely followed discussions around the store, bundles, and pricing since launch. Thanks to data and feedback from the community, we’re going to start making changes to the way we package and price items in Infinite, and all start next week. Starting Tuesday, the store experience will vary from week to week,” Hook’s statement read. “We are focused on lowering prices across the board, offering stronger values ​​in our bundles, individual items out of packages and into other things. We will try new things for the rest of the season to keep learning and improving for the future.. Please, keep sending your comments during this process”, he adds to detail the changes that will be introduced.

As we have highlighted at the beginning of the news, the adjustment in the prices and contents of cosmetics is just one of the many changes that are being introduced in multiplayer. In addition to the different modifications already implemented in the challenge system, as well as in the obtaining experience, this same week a patch will also arrive to fix a annoying bug that hinders the Big Team Battle mode matchmaking system.

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