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Esland Awards live: follow the gala with all the nominees, winners and guests

Lhe ESLAND awards are here, the awards that reward the Spanish-speaking streamer community will have a gala full of stars.

Because the call for the ESLAND awards ceremony organized by TheGrefg, has been a brutal reception both in the streamer world as in the communities of viewers who follow their stars.

The last to arrive: Grefg and Gema

The host has once again used the color of the big nights to attend his most ambitious creation to date, TheGrefg and Gema crossed the red carpet to the expectation and applause of the attendees.

Without a doubt, one of the outfits of the night as a couple, with the permission of Ari and Juan.

And Don Ibai Llanos arrived

The Basque stramer is one of tonight’s nominees and one of the most sought-after faces, Ibai Llanos is nominated for Clip of the Year, Stramer of the Year, Dance of the Year and Event of the Year. Without a doubt one of the streamers who has a good chance of winning a prize tonight.

Arigameplays and JuanSGuarnizo cause a sensation in ESLAND

Arigameplays and JuanSGuarnizo cause a sensation in ESLAND

One of the entries of the night, has been the one that has starred JuanSGuarnizo and his wife Arigameplayes, the Colombian and the Mexican attended the appointment hand in hand. JuanSGuarnizo is one of the nominees for “Best Streamer of the Year”

Jordi Wild, elegance and good vibes at ESLAND

The Catalan streamer is nominated for “Best Program” with his Wild Project, one of the highest quality content broadcast on the network. The streamer attended the ESLAND appointment, very elegant.

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Cristinini, the Queen of Blue Hearts, makes an appearance in ESLAND

With elegance and with all the warmth of the audience, Cristinini, who was spectacularly dressed for the occasion, made her entrance. The Catalan streamer is nominated for Best Roleplayer of the Year.

The man in the 1500 euro suit, ElXokas

Xokas is one of the most nominated streamers tonight, “Clip of the Year”, “Cabreo of the Year” or “Revelation Streamer” are some of the prizes that the Galician can win tonight.

IlloJuan arrives elegant in everything “My colleagues deserve it more than me”

IlloJuan en ESLAND

IlloJuan en ESLAND

The screams were heard as IlloJuan crossed the corner of the red carpet, the streamer from Malaga was clear: “I’ve been at this for many years, I don’t think I deserve it.” An elegant guy outside and inside the stream.

MrJagger’s “ball” makes sense in ESLAND

MrJagger went to the ESLAND Awards gala in immaculate black, yes, as usual in Jagger, he put his point with a ball in his mouth that did not let him speak. The Madrid content creator is nominated in the category that bears his name. only sure prize of the night.

DjMariio, nominated for Best Cabrero, Best Dancing and Christmas Tree

The mustoleo has attended the ESLAND awards, where it is nominated for two awards with many chances of winning them.

Kidi, arrives at the ESLAND red carpet

Kidi, nominated for best IRL

Kidi, nominated for best IRL

One of the favorites to win an award tonight is Kidi, an IRL content creator who toured Spain this summer and was invited to Los Angeles for the premiere of Arcane.

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Orslok is wrong and thinks “this is Minecraft”

Orslok and Rujaa in ESLAND

Orslok and Rujaa in ESLAND

One of the most commented outfits has been that of Orslok and Rojuu who are nominated for “Best Song

Maximus, the shaman from Cuevana has also come to ESLAND

Maximus, nominated for the ESLAND awards as Best Roleplayer

Maximus, nominated for the ESLAND awards as Best Roleplayer

One of the nominees for his roleplay during 2021 has been Maximus, one of the regulars in this genre and is already a veteran in playing roles. Right now he is in EGOLAND with a master role, the Sapo Peta champagne, guardian of Cuevana and her secrets.

Ampeter and Agustin arrive at the ESLAND red carpet

Ampeter and Augustus

Ampeter and Agustin arrive at the ESLAND red carpet

Two of the nominees tonight belong to the Sausage Squad, Ampeter, nominated for “Best Fail” and Agustán51, who is nominated for “Pissed off of the Year.”

Siro López and Rubén Martín also attended the appointment

Siro L

Siro López and Rubn Martínez in ESLAN

Siro López has been one of the sensations this year in non-gaming content on Twitch, the veteran journalist is already “one of the gang” and has been invited to the ESLAND Awards together with Rubn Martn

Spursito causes a sensation with his entrance

Spursito at the ESLAND awards

Spursito at the ESLAND awards

One of the most cheered upon entering the red carpet has been Spursito, who has appeared with a glass of “ice with peach and pineapple juice”, as he commented to the casters who asked him. Spursito is nominated for best roleplayer.

Coolifegame, Jacky, has also attended ESLAND

The creator of the series Marbella Vice, could receive the “Best Series of the Year” award today, Jacky has been one of the protagonists of 2021.

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Pereira and Llobeti arrive “like Peaky Blinders”

Pereira, nominated for Fail of the Year for his smack received by Tole in a goal kick, appeared with a very “Peaky Blinders” look with his inseparable Llobeti. Tole also went very elegant to the appointment.

Papi Gavi, star entrance

Papi Gavi en ESLAND

Papi Gavi en ESLAND

Nominated for dance of the year, Papi Gavi was one of the first to walk down the ESLAND red carpet.

TheGrefg is seen before the awards

The streamer made his appearance to appear in the opening minutes of the ESLAND Awards broadcast to introduce tonight’s casters on the red carpet. suja and belu

What 1,500-euro suit will ElXokas wear today?

One of the unknowns is What will be the suit that ElXokas wears today at the Esland Awards gala, the streamer posted a tweet with the bill for the suit he was wearing today, 1500 euros it has cost him. At the moment, it will be a surprise since we only know the amount paid.

First onlookers on the ESLAND red carpet

our partners scar Tejedor and Francesc Adelantado are on the ESLAND red carpet attentive to everything that happens and the first fans have already arrived to see their favorite streamers walk down the most hype red carpet of the year.

Time and where to watch ESLAND

ESLAND Live Awards

ESLAND Live Awards

the gala, which start around 7:30 p.m., will have a preview with the first connection at 6:00 p.m. from the red carpet of the Palau de la Msica in Barcelona and broadcast exclusively from TheGrefg’s Twitch channel.

our partners, scar Tejedor and Francesc Adelantado will bring us all the images and information about what happens in it during the hour and a half parade of streamers and personalities.

One hour from start The first curious have already begun to approach who hope to see streamers such as Ibai Llanos, Arigameplays, Biyn, Cristinini, IlloJuan, Rubius or ElXokas pass through such a precious mat, some of them nominated for the prizes that are distributed today.

Some of the prizes that will be awarded today at ESLAND

A total of 17 prizes will be delivered today among which the following stand out:

Streamer del ao:

  • Ibai
  • Auronplay
  • Rubius
  • JuansGuarnizo

Best Content Series:

  • tortillaland
  • Marbella Vice
  • Egoland
  • Arcadia

Streamer revelacin:

  • elXokas
  • Biyin
  • IlloJuan
  • ElMariana

Best event of the year:

  • Ibai (The evening)
  • Ibai (Chimes 2021),
  • Ibai (World Balloons)
  • Crew destination AGS 2 (Padel Argentino Markitonavaja)

Best trajectory:

  • Knekro
  • Fernanfloo
  • Outconsumer
  • Alexelcapo

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