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E3 2022: the event is likely to be canceled entirely | LevelUp

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A few days ago, the ESA, the organization that is in charge of E3, announced that the 2022 edition of the event will not be face-to-face. That news was like a bucket of ice water for thousands of players who had the illusion that the event could return to the good times after the 2021 edition was a huge failure.

At least there is hope that the digital edition of E3 2022 will be much better than last year, right? Not at all. In fact, information seems to point to the fact that it is a real possibility that E3 2022 will not even exist.

What happens is that, shortly after it issued the statement where it canceled the face-to-face event, the ESA contacted IGN to inform you that the digital event should not be taken for granted either. This since he could not yet confirm that an E3 2021 is going to come true.

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A digital E3 2022? Don’t take it for granted yet

In other words: There’s a real chance that E3 2022 isn’t even going to happen. For now, what is a fact is that the face-to-face event is completely ruled out and it remains to be seen if the ESA can put something together in these months.

Perhaps this is surprising to few, since in the initial statement, the ESA never confirmed a digital event for E3 2022. You can check it out below:

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“Due to ongoing health risks related to COVID-19 and its potential impact on the safety of exhibitors and attendees, E3 will not have an in-person event in 2022. However, we are excited for the future of E3 and are excited to announce more. details soon,” the ESA said.

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Taking into account that an event like E3 is organized many months in advance, this scenario looks very complicated for the event. We’ll see if all this results in what seems to be his imminent end or if the ESA manages to put together something that saves him.

And you, what do you think about all this? Do you think E3 has a future? Tell us in the comments.

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