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E3 2022 could have also canceled its virtual event, according to a rumor

The THAT, the association in charge of organizing E3, confirmed at the beginning of the month that this year’s edition will not be held in person due to the micron variant of the coronavirus. At that time it was not specified that E3 2022 would be held virtually, as was the case with the previous edition, but it was assumed that they would want to repeat the format. Now a new rumor suggests that the event online also in danger.

It has been Jeff Grubb, a VentureBeat collaborator, who has dropped this possibility by pointing directly to a cancelacin total del E3 2022: “E3 has been cancelled,” he begins by saying in a video posted today on his personal YouTube channel, and expands: “Well, it has been canceled in person, although digital is probably canceled too“. The ESA has always been reluctant to exclusively virtual events and last year it anticipated hybrid formats between face-to-face and online.

Why has the E3 2022 face-to-face been cancelled?

At the moment, yes, the only thing that has officially confirmed ESA is that the in-person event will not take place “due to the ongoing health risks surrounding COVID-19 and its potential impact on the safety of exhibitors and attendees.” In the same statement they explained that the organization is still “incredibly excited about the future of E3”, that they are “excited about the possibilities of an online event” and that they hope to “announce more details soon.” At that time, some important voices in the industry, such as journalist Jason Schreier The analyst Mike Futter, assured that the decision has been made since autumn of last year and that, according to their sources, no digital event would be held.

On the other hand, Summer Game Fest I took the opportunity to remember that they will return in 2022 with their calendar of virtual summer events.

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