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Dragon Ball Super will return to open television in Mexico, but it will disappoint you | LevelUp

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Dragon Ball It is an anime that we in Mexico love. Whether it’s the classic series, Dragon Ball Z Y GT or the new adventures of Dragon Ball Super, we are talking about a Japanese production that drives Mexicans crazy and we can never get enough of it.

It is for this reason that many will be glad to know that Dragon Ball Super, the most recent series of Goku, Vegeta and company, will return to open television. According to an official announcement from Televisa, the anime will return on Friday, January 21 at 1:00 PM Mexico City time.

According to the official announcement, the return of Dragon Ball Super will be with the arc in which Goku faces Beerus, the god of destruction. In this way, fans will have the opportunity to relive the beginning of the new stories of Dragon Ball.

Sadly, the announcement has left fans of the series a bit confused and disappointed. Dragon Ball. What happens is that everything seems to indicate that it is only a special for Friday, January 21 and that there are no plans to broadcast the entire series at that time.

With this, it would be news that will surely be bittersweet for all Dragon Ball fans in Mexico. Especially after the return of Dragon Ball Z on Channel 5 a few weeks ago was also a fleeting phenomenon.

We will keep an eye on it and inform you when the details of this news are clearer.

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