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ALJUEGO 2022, board game festival, will be held this Saturday • Console and Board

One of the wishes of the community for this 2022 goes through a return of board game events, in its usual format. For now, the year starts with ALGAME 2022, which will be held this Saturday in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).


ALJUEGO 2022 will take place on Saturday, January 22, from ten in the morning to ten at night. It will take place at the Zulema Sociocultural Center in Alcalá de Henares.

Attendees must have their entry. It is free, although the capacity is reduced for everyone’s safety. This (added to the desire to meet again) has meant that they are sold out, for the moment, while working on a possible expansion of the space.

What will be the first edition of the festival is organized by Circle of Isengard. The mission is to show the next releases in terms of board games and serve as a meeting point between players, authors, illustrators and publishers.

It will be these professionals who take advantage of the opinions of the players when developing their ideas. For their part, they will live the experience of testing the games that will hit stores in the future, helping to improve them. The presence of Peanut Games and Abba Games as publishers is confirmed.

Thus, the prototypes will be the main protagonists, helping to put an end to the idea that places them in an unbalanced and unattractive experience. The event is designed for beginners in this hobby, eager to meet renowned creators and put a face to them.

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To give the same opportunities to all, there will be calls “hot tables”. These are ten spaces with reservation, which will avoid stagnation for hours with the same game.

The festival will serve to meet the finalists of the Isengard Circle Contest. Among them will be the winner, Lokum 2.0 (María Castellví and Roger Brunet), and second prize Aquelarre (Félix Bernat). The festival is part of the celebrations for the 22nd anniversary of Circle of Isengard. More fun events will follow.

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