Tuesday, October 4

Above Snakes, ready to start Kickstarter campaign • Console and Dashboard

Above Snakes, title that we met last December, already has a date of arrival at Kickstarter. It will be on Thursday, January 20, when it lands on this financing search platform, resorting to the support of patrons to become a reality.


Tobias Schnackenberg and Crytivo define their game as a base builder in an isometric universe, not forgetting about survival. It proposes us to create our own world by placing mosaics.

The plot takes place in Corpse Creek, during 1883. One night, darkness was replaced by a bright green sky, followed by burning stones. The survivors were praying to their dead when a hand came out of one of the graves. Loved ones had returned, like lost souls, with their yearning for destruction.

Against this background, we will explore different biomes, trying to decipher the secrets of the earth. There is no shortage of hunting, fishing and crafts in a challenge that combines the Wild West and zombies. The idea is that it can be released on PC soon.


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