Saturday, May 28

This is how spectacular the Jurassic Park T.Rex looks in Dreams

Dreams is such a powerful game creation tool that never ceases to amaze us with the things that the community manages to do with her, whose talent has been more than proven in recent years, something that we confirm again today thanks to one of her fans.

Recreating the T.Rex in Dreams

The Twitter user Krenautican has been working on recreating in Dreams to the iconic T.Rex of Jurassic Park trying to emulate his animatronic from the original film, which includes not only his design, but also the peculiar way he moved. The results speak for themselves and you can check them just below.

As Krenautican comments, it’s just a small short, so don’t expect any game as such yet, although you can try it for yourselves, since a demo has already been published that, in addition, is compatible with virtual reality, in case you want to experience first hand that this dinosaur roars in your face. You can find more details about the project in the following link.

creating dreams

As we said before, Dreams is an experience creation game for PlayStation 4 that has been developed by Media Molecule and that allows us to create almost anything we need to shape our titles, from things as basic as levels and characters to more complex things like materials or textures. Of course, it also allows us to share our creations with the rest of the community. You can learn more about him by consulting the analysis that we dedicate in Vandal.

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